Stag Arms 9mm Rifles

    Model 9T

    Stag Arms announced the introduction of their first 9mm carbines. The Model 9 and Model 9T are AR-15 style guns with adjustable buttstocks, charging handle and other features typical to the platform.

    The guns use Colt 9mm AR-type magazines, Stag states the guns have been designed from the “ground up” for the cartridge. The guns have magazine wells designed for the 9mm mag and do not simply use drop-in blocks in a standard 5.56 magazine well. Also, the hammer, magazine catch and buffer are all specifically designed for the 9mm.

    Model 9L

    Stag states the bolt and carrier are integrated into a single unit. The 16″ heavy barrel has a 1:10″ twist.

    According to Stag,

    The Model 9 and 9T have different configurations. The Model 9 has a railed gas block and drop in Diamondhead VRS-T modular handguard with no sights. The Model 9T is the tactical version with a free floating 13.5” Diamondhead VRS-T modular handguard and aluminum Diamondhead flip up sights for faster target acquisitions. Both rifles will accept the Diamondhead rail sections for extreme customization.

    Like many Stag rifles, these guns can be had in right- and left-handed configurations. The MSRP for these rifles are:

    • Model 9 – $990
    • Model 9, left-handed – $1,025
    • Model 9T – $1,275
    • Model 9T, left-handed – $1,295
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