Scope Saves Owner from Improper Powder Load

    Vortex Optics has posted up a picture on their Facebook page of a catastrophic detonation in a rifle where their optic saved the owner. The scope in question deflected shrapnel from the hot load when the barrel ruptured. TheLoadoutRoom picked the picture up with the story of the explosion below:

    This was my Savage 111LRH 338 Lapua I had accidentally loaded it with Hodgdon H-110 handgun powder instead of H-1000 rifle powder so when I touched it off the whole gun blew up like a bomb with bits a pieces flying. Your scope forced all the shrapnel down and away from everyone, I had the top straps miss my left arm by a 1/2 inch. If your scope wasn’t on the rifle or if your scope was built so well that shrapnel would have been sent outward and may have hit and injured people standing by. I myself by the grace of God only got 3 little nicks where I could have been severely injured or killed. Yes God does look after stupid people!


    An idiot indeed, but I am sure he will not load the wrong powder again.

    Nathan S

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