Law Tactical AKuracy Adjustable Rear Sight

    I stumbled across the Law Tactical AKuracy sight when browsing their webpage for the write-up on their upcoming Gen-3 folding stock adapter. In short, the sight is a drop-in replacement for stock AK-47 sights that provides a dovetail to use Glock pistol sights. Its so simple and brilliant, I love it.



    The AK-uracy sight is CNC machined from steel and coated to match common AK platforms. The sight uses the stock range detent and is fully adjustable for the said ranges. The sight installs quickly via a flathead screw driver and the Glock sight is locked into place with set screws.

    The impetus of the design courtesy of Law Tactical:

    The AK-47 is the most widely produced rifle, renowned for its reliability. One common complaint is accuracy. Many reference the short sight radius as a reason for poor accuracy when in reality, the sight radius is almost identical to that of the M4 carbine (the standard carbine of the US army) a weapon renowned for its accuracy.

    The problem with the standard AK sight is the distance of the sights from the eye of the shooter (eye relief). Most modern rifles have the rear sight towards the rear of the receiver, while the AK rear sight is positioned at the front of the receiver. The increased distance of the AK rear sight makes target acquisition similar to a pistol held at arms length.

    Sights compared from Breach Bang Clear's review. Click the picture to be taken to the review.

    Sights compared from Breach Bang Clear’s review. Click the picture to be taken to the review.

    Breach-Bang-Clear has a short review up on the sight and they were impressed. They found that the sight actually increased accuracy, despite having a wider rear notch from the Glock sights. Also, B-B-C noted that the sight worked on a AK-74, though no word on if the range notches were accurate.


    Showing the set screw adjustment. Click the picture to be taken to B-B-C’s review.

    The AKuracy sight is available from Law Tactical direct for $49.99. Note, the website still lists a pre-order and shipping date of February.

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