Gamo Outdoors Releases New Luxor CU Pellet

    Many of us in the shooting community still shoot air rifles.  I personally use a .22cal air rifle for hunting pests and training at home.  I try to stay up with good hunting pellets, and their design to see if there is a pellet out there that my air rifle might shoot better, more accurately and hit harder then what I am currently using.

    Gamo has released their new Luxor CU which is a lead free pellet that is domed with a pyramid for better penetration and energy transfer.  Being lead free these pellets will also be a higher velocity and could potentially break the sound barrier.  For those looking to be on the quiet side these may not be for you, but that will really be dependent on weight and the specs of your air rifle.  I do look forward to finding some of these locally and trying them out.

    LUXOR Cu

    Fort Lauderdale, FL, Aug. 7, 2014 – Gamo® Outdoor USA (, the leading manufacturer of high quality air guns, optics and laser designators will release a premium new .177 Cal and .22 Cal  hunting pellet that can acquire up to 20% more velocity than a standard lead pellet.  The Luxor Cu™ Hunting Pellet has aerodynamic shape for excellent flight characteristics and its lead free material for increased velocity and more terminal penetration while still maintaining a stable flight trajectory.

    The Luxor Cu™ Hunting Pellet features an innovative sharp pyramidshaped tip that enables it to cut and shatter your target.  The aerodynamic shape enables this pellet to have excellent flight characteristics and ballistic coefficients. This non-lead pellet has a copper layer that retains 100% of its weight after expansion retaining velocity and energy. The 150 quantity tin of Luxor Cu™ Hunting Pellet .177 Cal retails for $18.95, whilethe100 quantity tin Luxor Cu™ Hunting Pellet .22 Cal retails for $19.95.

    Gamo® is a world leader in the production of top quality, accurate, air gun ammunition. Today, Gamo® produces a huge pellet range for every kind of shooter – from training pellets, target shooting pellets, to high performance pellets for hunting.