Shockwave Technologies Releases AR Pistol Stabilizer

    I have always been a fan of pushing the envelope, skirting legality and riding the thin line.  We received this release this afternoon from Shockwave Technologies and their very own pistol brace for the AR pistol.

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, we are all pretty well up to speed on the pistol brace discussion, including the recent ATF letter deeming shouldering of the brace to be within the scope of the product, and letting it remain a pistol, and not venturing into the NFA territory.

    With the recent decision there have been rumblings of several other companies that are working on making their own brace, but this is the first one that I have seen that has a working prototype that has been released to the public.

    While I will fully admit, I am very skeptical this one will pass the ATF’s sniff test in the current configuration, I am hopeful that I am wrong for the sake of driving innovation towards better products.  The information on the Shockwave Technologies site states that they are pending ATF classification.  While I totally get that their cross section is far less in the rear, we also know that the decisions that the ATF makes are not always logical.

    For more information, check out their info page here:

    brace1 brace2 brace3