Armatix’s Ernst Mauch: Self-proclaimed “Steve Jobs” of the gun world

    Photo © Bryan Jones

    In a Washington Post article Ernst Mauch, investor and designer in “smart” gun company Armatix, says he sees himself as the “Steve Jobs” of the gun world. That would be about right. Steve Jobs was mean-spirited megalomaniac. Michael S. Rosenwald writes …

    Mauch realizes that many people in the gun world oppose what he’s doing. But he sees himself as a Steve Jobs-like figure, someone with the know-how and stubbornness — “no compromises” is a phrase he uses repeatedly — to bring “dumb guns,” as he calls them, into the digital age.

    “This is the beginning of a new generation of weapons, which makes people think I am crazy,” he said. “Anyone can make a gun or a pistol. But if the potential is here to make it safer, we have to do it. We absolutely must.”

    Unlike Steve, Mauch is not creating a good consumers want. He is creating a technology which he hopes consumers will be forced to purchase, and competitors to license, by convincing legislators to mandate his technology be included in firearms.

    Steve Johnson

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