Weirdest Rifle I Have Seen… Ever…

    I have been around firearms all of my life, and working in the firearms industry for some time now.  In that time I have seen some interesting things.  I have seen scopes shimmed with toothpicks, 1911 grip that was covered in steel putty to make a “custom fit” grip.  But this time I can honestly say that this is the weirdest firearm modification that I have ever seen.  A reader sent this in, and really I can understand why.

    The skeletonized stock looks to be made from hand ground steel with a wood bedding system.  The action appears to be that of a Carcano, and the magazine is handmade as well.  As the listing states, I would really have this checked out by a gunsmith before I got ammo anywhere near the thing, that is once you figure out what caliber it is. Although someone did buy the rifle, the listing closed with a high bid of $180.


    Check out the rest of the pictures from the listing… The actual gunbroker listing can be found here:

    Thanks Dmitry for the tip!