Lightning Review: Wheeler Engineering Level Level Level Kit

    Anything to cut down on the time spent in the office and increase time at the range gets a resounding thumbs-up! For example, the MagLuLa for pistols is always in my bag as well as various tools etc. Enter the Wheeler Level Level Level kit. In short, it’s a permanent part of my armorer’s and range kits.


    As a gun writer, I have a lot of different weapon systems and scopes come through my office. To thoroughly test them, it requires mounting them to various weapons systems and rings. To do otherwise, would just be a review of a single configuration… that will not do for our dear readers. So, I spend lots of time mounting and dismounting scopes and rings.

    (Note- The Level Level Level kit reviewed was a personal purchase in January of this year. Caldwell had no input into this Lightning Review)

    How it Works:

    Unlike the name implies Level-Level-Level kit is not 3 levels, it is just two. One of the levels is a cantilever style and the other is a short bar, both with a bubble level built-in.


    The cantilever level will sit on the receiver while the shorter bar level is set on top of the scope.


    IMG_3463 When both levels are centered, carefully torque down your scope making sure the rifle and scope stay parallel to one another.


    Done. Simple as that.


    The Good:

    •  Works as advertised. It’s simple to level a scope on a rifle in even a rudimentary rest like the Caldwell “7” that I typically use.
    • Inexpensive

    The Notable:

    •  Will not work if the crosshairs or turret caps are not level to one another. In other words, works best with quality scopes.
    • I would appreciate finer lines or lines closer together. For someone as paranoid about level as I am, they can leave margin for error.

    The Bad:

    • The magnets are weak and are knocked off easily if jarred.
    • They just “feel” cheap… but they work well.
    • Really only works well for rifles with rails. Traditional hunting rifles will need a professional kit.

    My Thoughts:

    For the price, the Level-Level-Level kit is hard to beat. It is a dead-simple design and operation that does indeed level the scopes. It works best on quality scopes.

    For $16.95 on major retailer sites, the level-level-level kit easily pays for itself by the first scope mounted in terms of time alone.

    Thumbs Up!

    Gallery (While mounting a Leupold Scope on a Houlding Precision Rifle):

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