Gun Shaped iPhone Cases

    A neat object but probably not a good idea with how the public views anything remotely firearm shaped.

    The original design was a 3D Printed case for the iPhone.



    Then Chinese companies latched onto it and offered a similar design using traditional manufacturing techniques.




    There is even one that looks like a semi-auto pistol. According to this website, it works in conjunction with an app. The description just has me shaking my head.  Clearly the person who wrote the description has no understanding of firearms.

    The app means you can play games of Russian Roulette at parties! Don’t worry, you can’t actually shoot anyone!



    Now comes the obvious problem. How do you holster or even use this phone? Not recommended. You can easily see the problems that can arise from using such a case.

    iphonegun2 revolver_iphone_011

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