Strike Industries AR Trigger Hammer Jig

    Strike Industries has released a novel contraption: the AR Trigger Hammer Jig for AR-series weapons. As Strike describes the jig:

    The AR15 Trigger Jig allows you to clearly see the sear, hammer, and disconnector engagement points while under normal spring tension. The Trigger Jig enables you to dry fire the trigger without damaging the jig or other internal parts and make necessary adjustments while checking functionality.


    If one mounts it in a vice, you can measure trigger pull. The jig package includes the pins, hammer block, grip adapter screws, and grip adapter. It is available for $39.95 on Strike Industries’ website. 

    A “mini review” of the jig is available on Click the link to be taken to the review. In short, they are enamored with it.


    Details (Courtesy of Strike Industries):

    – Clear visibility to see all the moving parts of the trigger while in motion
    – Enables you to practice installing the trigger without taking a chance at scratching your rifle
    – Allows you to demonstrate how the trigger works
    – Able to dry fire the trigger without damaging the jig or other internal parts to check for -functionality
    – Allows you to mount the jig in a vise and adjust for trigger pull without having the rifle present
    – Hammer bumper
    – You can also install selector switch and pistol grip.

    Note: Trigger assembly and Grip NOT INCLUDED



    Nathan S

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