Samuel Colt’s 200th Birthday O1991Z Pistol

    Colt marked its founder’s  200th birthday by donating a O1991Z 1911 Commemorative Pistol to The Museum of Connecticut History at The Connecticut State Library.


    We are honored to donate this special commemorative firearm to the outstanding collection already housed at the Connecticut State Library. This is an historic occasion not only for our company, but for the entire firearms industry and manufacturing and industrialization in America. An inventor and industrialist, Sam Colt’s patented revolving cylinder design was a crucial part of America’s industrialization and evolution of the assembly line, and his legacy has been a part of our country’s history ever since.” (Joyce Rubino, Vice President of Marketing at Colt’s Manufacturing Company)

    Sam200 1911 Left Hartford Library 2

    Sam200 1911 Top Hartford Library

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