New: Blackbore 12-Gauge Chokes – “The Cutting Edge”

    New to the market is Blackbore, which claims to have “The Cutting Edge in Choke Design.” Dorky moniker aside, the tagline actually has some relevance to their product line.

    Setting itself apart from Carlson or other choke manufacturers, Blackbore adds “knife-blade” ports that are designed to catch, slow, and strip the wad from the shot. Blackbore claims this technology reduces “rear-ending” of the shot column, which can “cause fliers and holes in the pattern.”

    Blackbore has an impressive array of choke patterns and constrictions available for Benelli, Remington, Mossberg, Browning, and more brands. Currently, Blackbore chokes are only available for 12-guage.


    More details on the chokes are available on their website. The Competition models are priced at $60 (available in both polished and oxide finishes) and the Hunter Pro and “Tactical” models are available for $65 (oxide only).

    We will request some chokes and put Blackbore’s claims to the test.



    Full Press Release Below:

    Introducing BlackBore Shotgun Chokes


    BlackBore Sports, LLC presents shotgun chokes that are the cutting edge of choke design. Featured is a unique patented port design. A full line of competition, hunting and tactical chokes are offered for the discriminating shooter.

    BlackBore Sports, LLC, a manufacturer of the finest ported shotgun chokes extant covers all aspects of the shotgun shooting sports! Shooters of Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays have the Competition choke. Bird and game hunters use the Hunterpro LT, HV and TC chokes. The tactical shooters have the Tactical HD choke for home defense and 3-gun competition.

    What makes these chokes so unique is the patented port design with a “blade” machined into every port. As the shot column/wad passes through the choke, the blades slices off “slivers” of wad. This added friction is just enough to retard the wad which prevents the wad from impacting the rear end of the shot column.

    The result is a denser, more consistent shot pattern that will “crush” that clay bird or bring down that game. Become a winner and shoot BlackBore Chokes!

    Nathan S

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