Meopta Factory Tour: Mechanics Division

    The final part of my Meopta Factory tour was led by Stanislav Palicka. The Mechanics Division is where they machine and coat the components for assembly.

    Luckily, most of the employees of the mechanics division were on vacation so Stanislav could explain aspects of the machine shop and I could hear him. If the Mechanics Division was operating as normal, you could not hear people talk.


    Throughout the work floor, there are these monitors that display the progress of the machines. There are about 500 workers that work in the Mechanics Division and they manufacture about 400,000 pieces per month.




    Here are some aluminum blanks prepped to be machined into a scope.




    This is the result of the first step in the machining process.



    Here is the body to their ZD-Dot.




    This is their testing department checking for quality control. About 100 parameters are measured to check production.



    Painting department custom coats parts as per customer’s request.



    Here are some samples of anodizing coatings that Meopta can use for their products.



    These are the anodizing tanks.DSC_0593 DSC_0594



    Herer is a map of the Meopta Campus.DSC_0596



    Video of the tour.



    Thanks to Surujh and Stanislav for taking time to take me around and explain the Mechanics Division.

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