Lightning Review: Tifosi Tactical Safety Glasses

    A few weeks back I received a pair of the new Tifosi Jet FC glasses from their Tactical line of eye wear.  The whole kit contained frames, three lenses (smoke, HC red and clear), hard case, soft case and a cleaning cloth.


    Being that it was a sunny day I put the smoke lenses in and headed outside.  The first thing I noticed was how light they were, and how well the felt wearing them.  They felt like they fit well enough that they were not going to come off, even with sweat or activity.  The smoke lenses provided great sun protection and are also Z87.1 safety rated.

    After wearing them for several days just as my everyday sunglasses I was hooked on the comfort of the frames and how well the lenses covered the field of view, without being obnoxiously large.  Taking them to the range I was able to wear them all day with no discomfort and no matter how hot it got, they stayed put.  I was also able to use them with all of my firearms at the range, including scoped rifles, without any distortion or the glasses getting in the way.


    I was also able to test the clear and HC red lenses at various times and found the red lenses to work well on overcast days, and the clear lenses I use during night shoots without any problems.  One other thing that was very nice was that the lenses are fog-proof.  By that I mean they literally do not fog no matter what the activity, or what else you might wearing.  Many times I find that when I am at the range wearing a hat that my lenses will fog because of the lack of airflow over the top of the frame.  I have yet to have any fogging issues with any of the lenses, which is a major plus.

    One thing that I have always liked about Tifosi eyewear, as a cyclist, is that they feature replaceable parts.  Their tactical like is the same, and just about everything on the frames from the nose cushions to the rubber inserts on the stems can be purchased and replaced.  Tifosi also stands behind their product and offers a lifetime warranty on their glasses.


    I actually like the glasses so much that I ended up purchasing a pair of their Fototec (transition style) polarized lenses to make them a true polarized everyday pair of sunglasses.  With the new lenses, I am able to use the lenses no matter what the weather is like.  On a bright sunny day they are dark and on a more overcast day the lenses will lighten.  I will note that the Fototec lenses I ordered are not Z87.1 safety rated, and I do not use them as safety glasses at the range just for everyday wear.

    So if you are looking for a good, solid pair of safety glasses for the range and, are tired of the cheap sets out there with interchangeable lenses find a local Tifosi dealer in your area, they are able to order from the tactical catalog.  There are also several online outlets that you can order directly from.  If you want to get more information on the Tifosi Tactical line, check out their site at