Adams Arms Releases Piston-Driven AR Pistols

    The glut of AR-style pistols keeps getting larger (and that’s a good thing!). Now, Adams Arms has released their Tactical Evo “Upgraded Pistols” featuring their piston system. The new pistols utilize Adams’ sister-company VooDoo Innovation’s barrels, available in both 7.5″ and 11.5″.

    The 7.5" model is pictured. The 11.5" is the main article picture.

    The 7.5″ model is pictured. The 11.5″ is the main article picture.

    The latest pistols have a full retail of $1,412, but are currently on priced at a special introductory price on Adams’ Arms website for $1,099.00 The pistols include an Samson Evolution handguard/rail running all the way to and under the gas block.


    The 7.5″ complete upper.

    The new pistols are full compatible with the various arm braces hitting the market. The uppers are also available stand-alone without sights at $777 for both 7.5″ and 11.5″, respectively.

    Full Press Release Below:

    Adams Arms Announces New AR Pistols:

    Following their recent broadcast across the media outlets regarding their new and improved pricing, Adams Arms continues to push forward to bring fresh and exciting products to the market. This week, they announced the new addition to their lineup of piston driven rifles: their AR Pistol.

    The new Adams Arms AR Pistols are currently being offered in 7.5″ and 11.5″ barrel configurations with an amazing introductory price of $1099, which includes a Samson Evolution rail. The AR Pistols are currently available on their site and through distribution partners and exclusive dealers.

    The AR Pistol has become increasingly popular since the ATF ruled that the well-known arm brace does not fall into the same category as a standard rifle stock. Adams Arms has long produced short-barreled uppers for individual purchase, which have been very successful, so the natural order of progression was to move toward offering consumers a more complete package.

    One of the biggest benefits to the Adams Arms pistols is their exclusive use of VooDoo Barrels, which offer superior accuracy, velocity, and longevity over the competitors, making the use of shorter barrels a more viable option. Combined with the Adams Arms piston system, which runs cleaner and cooler while increasing the service life of the weapon, their new AR Pistol is a great new addition to your collection.

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