Meopta Factory Tour Part 3: Assembly Division

    Roman Taborsky and Surujh Roopnarine continue the next part of the Factory Tour at Meopta.

    They took me to one of the Assembly workshops where they assemble their most popular scope, the MeoStar R1r 3-2×56. According to Roman, this workshop produces about 200 scopes a week.



    When we entered the workshop we had to wear white booties to cover our shoes. The employees, who work in the workshop, actually take their shoes off and wear these sandals.



    You can see this woman wearing the sandals as she works on a sub-assembly.



    Here is the workshop.



    Each workstation focuses on completing some part of a sub-assembly. Once all the sub-assemblies are completed they get moved to another chain in the workshop and assembled together.


    Each station has copious amounts of cleaners and swabs to eliminate any particulates when assembling the components.



    Here the woman is working on the erector assembly, which Meopta calls the Internal Block





    This guy is soldering the illumination components and fixing any small electrical issues.



    Here the eyepiece is installed and the reticle is checked.



    Once the scopes are assembled, they are taken to this machine. They plug in a hose into the screw hole in the magnification ring.They test the scope under pressure to check that the scope is sealed properly. Then they suck out the air and fill the scope with nitrogen before sealing up the screw hole.



    Once sealed the scopes are tested in this lab.




    Just like the scope workshop, here is the workshop for one of their binoculars. Here they are assembling the central component where the objective lenses and eyepieces will be added on later down the line.





    After final assembly, the binoculars are tested in this machine.



    Here is the tour on video with Stanislav explaining all the workstations.

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