How It’s Done: SilencerCo Releases Technical Video on the Salvo 12

    SilencerCo has released a full technical video on the new Salvo 12, revealing more information on the system. The video breaks down the entire suppressor, giving shooters a peek inside and if you watch carefully, it answers a few burning questions.

    Key take-aways:

    • The system is compatible with slugs and “full-wadded shot” meaning it will not be compatible with all shells.
    • The suppressor is not Q/D. It looks to require a castle nut wrench to cinch down.
    • It implies there will be different choke profiles available.
    • The entire suppressor can be broken down for cleaning.
    • Inertia guns (at least the Benelli M2) will still function with the suppressor.


    Nathan S

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