Zeiss Ballistic Calculator App

    Zeiss has a Ballistics Calculator App similar to the Nikon Spot On app. The App is used in conjunction with a Zeiss Scope and their ballistic reticles.


    The new user-friendly ZEISS Ballistic Calculator app helps hunters and shooters of all levels to master the long range shot. Just select your ZEISS riflescope, ammunition type and enter environmental variables. The app will provide you with the optimum power setting for your riflescope, so that distant yardages coincide with the ZEISS ballistic reticle subtensions. The convenient slide feature visualizes how change in magnification settings affects point of impact.

    You select your scope from a drop down menu, then you choose your ammo. You can even enter in hand load data. There is even an option for environmental variables. The app will calculate the shot and show you a representation of the reticle and what the subtensions mean in yardage.

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