AR-15 Found In PA Lake While Fishing

    Anyone lose their AR-15 during an unfortunate “boating accident” recently? No really, did anyone lose an AR? Someone on Reddit posted about an AR-15 that was found while fishing at Red Hill Dam in Pennsylvania. It’s a pretty nice AR too, from another Redditor’s post in the thread:

    The rifle itself is a base-model E-series (thanks sh3llsh0ck!) Ruger SR-556. Considering the handguard, upper receiver, and lower receiver are all comprised of aluminum, it’s no surprise that it looks so clean. The rust evident on the barrel and gas block is significant enough to suggest that the rifle is probably ruined permanently (without replacing most of the components other than the receivers). It’s hard to say exactly how long it’s been submerged, but I’d put money on a period of a few weeks to a month or two, at the most.

    The optics on top are an EOTech EXPS3 and an EOTech G33 Magnifier. Both optics are likely ruined: water damage to the electronics in the EXPS3 is virtually guaranteed, the magnifier likely suffered some degree of rust and/or containment failure of the tube (full of water). EOTech rates both optics are waterproof to 33 feet, but it’s likely been under more water than that…and if it’s been long enough to develop rust, they probably leaked over time as well.

    Aside from the optics, the rifle has a one-point bungee sling of indeterminate make (Condor? Blackhawk?), a 30rd Gen 2 non-windowed PMag, and Mako T-POD G2 vertical grip/bipod.

    It should also be noted that there is a very unusual amount of wear evident on the side edges of the EOTech, and along the side of the aluminum handguard rail segment. That wear is not consistent with any form of normal use that I’m familiar with, and is completely inconsistent with the relatively unworn condition of the rest of the rifle. It may indicate that the rifle slid down a steep embankment of stone or concrete, or was otherwise dragged for some distance across such a surface.

    Were the rifle in new condition, it would be worth between $2500-3000 as configured. In all probability there is very little in that picture capable of being salvaged.

    I bet with a little bit of CLP, a couple runs down the barrel with a Boresnake and some new batteries for the EOTech it will function just fine.

    Ray I.

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