Oleg shoots the VEPR 12

    Over at All Outdoor Oleg Volk shoots the VEPR 12 shotgun and he likes it….

    The shotgun comes equipped with RPK light machine gun open sights. At first, I was confused by the decision to make 1,000-meter adjustable sight with fairly short radius on a shotgun, but range use showed it to be a brilliant idea. The gray rear sight makes it easy to focus on the front post. It is adjustable for windage without tools, and the machine gun and the shotgun have something in common: both are made for creating beaten zones, with the difference of one doing it over time with bullets and the other simultaneously with shot. Great range adjustability also comes in handy when regulating for slugs of different weight and velocity. For example, the lowest 100 meter setting works perfectly for 25 yards with Brenneke Home Defense slugs, which cloverleafed right at the point of aim. A 0.6 center-to center group fired over open sights from kneeling is quite respectable, to my mind.

    Sadly, the VEPR 12, which is produced at the Kalashnikov owned Molot factory, can no longer be imported into the USA. If you want one, you better buy it quickly.

    Steve Johnson

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