R51 Missing From Remington Website

    Guns Save Lives noticed that almost any reference to the R51 pistol seems to have been removed from Remington’s website.


    Now, it seems that Remington has scrubbed their website of nearly all mentions of the R51 pistol (H/T Tactical Existence). It is not easily found listed among their other firearms, and using the website’s built in search engine returns only 1 hit for the website homepage. However, when you actually visit the homepage there is no mention of the R51 (except for an image of this year’s catalog cover).

    There are still a few mentions of the R51 in old press releases on the website, but not in the list of current products. While you can find tidbits here and there, the compact 9mm is notably absent from all of the areas one would expect it to appear in.

    Clicking on “Handguns” under Products takes you to 1911r1.com, a page dedicated to Remington’s 1911 line of pistols.


    What could this mean? No idea, but we hope they are addressing the issues and we will see the R51 roll out again better and improved.

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