Crimson Trace Partners With S&W For Bodyguard Lasers

    Crimson Trace is now partnering with S&W to supply the lasers for the Bodyguard line of pistols.  Both the Bodyguard pistol and revolver will be getting the new lasers.  No word yet on if the pricing will increase with the price of either pistol.  Hopefully this will help to stem the flow of problems that have plagued the Bodyguard 380’s laser.  From the sound of the press release, that looks to be the plan.  Use a higher quality laser manufacturer and make sure people know that is what they are doing.


    Here is the press release from Crimson Trace on the new partnership:

    (Wilsonville, OR)— With small concealed carry revolvers and pistols finding more favorable nod with gun buyers and owners today, Crimson Trace® has increased the options when it comes time to select a concealed carry firearm. Two newly designed Crimson Trace laser sighting systems can now be found on Smith & Wesson’s® popular M&P BODYGUARD® semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.  Those M&P BODYGUARD handguns have a Crimson Trace laser sight mounted externally on the revolver and built into the frame on the pistol.

    “At Crimson Trace, one of our long term goals is to make laser sighting systems STANDARD EQUIPMENT on every personal protection handgun sold in this country”, said Kent Thomas, Director of Marketing and Product Development for Crimson Trace.  “This partnership with Smith & Wesson furthers that goal, and we are proud to be the integrated laser sighting system for the highly regarded M&P Brand – offering the highest quality solution for today’s personal protection gun owner.”

    The precision engineered Crimson Trace laser sighting systems set new industry standards in laser sight-to-firearm fits and incorporation. Both laser sights are easily button activated and feature powerful red laser diodes.

    The new Crimson Trace and S&W project partnership will better serve conceal carry and self defense customer needs—and demands.  The small, compact and easily concealed M&P BODYGUARD semi-auto pistols are  chambered in .380 Auto while the hammerless M&P BODYGUARD revolvers are chambered in .38 S&W Special +P. Both handguns have durable lightweight polymer frames and the integration of the special Crimson Trace laser sights has little impact on the handguns’ overall shape or weight.

    The news systems are also durable. After laser sight systems were installed on prototype M&P handguns, they were rigorously tested at Crimson Trace’s headquarters range with more than 50,000 rounds of live fire completed. Testing is complete and passed, and now the new Crimson Trace equipped M&P Bodyguard pistols and revolvers are available across America.

    All Crimson Trace laser sighting systems are precisionmanufactured and rigorously tested in the company’s state-of-the-art production facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. The M&P BODYGUARDs are built at the S&W factory in Massachusetts.