Nifty gun mechanic in upcoming video game

    One of the developers working on the video game Homefront: The Revolution, due to be released in 2015, is also a TFB reader and he has been working on the gun mechanics of the game. He and his co-developers are aiming to make the guns as customizable as possible. One really nifty feature is the ability to swap out AR-15 upper receivers. You can see this mechanic in action in the below video. Skip to the 10:00 minute mark …

    I must admit I am a little behind the times when it comes to video games, but from what I have seen there has been very little innovation in video game gun-play in recent years, so it is refreshing to see a developer so passionate about it.

    And just to preempt comments, yes, of course, in real life you would not be running, gunning and swapping receivers on the fly. But that did not stop gun makers trying for years to sell the concept of the universal pistol-replacement-pdw/carbine/rifle/LMG/sniper firearm to militaries around the world. The ill-fated H&K XM8 being a prime example …


    The many theoretical H&K XM8 configurations.

    Steve Johnson

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