Thorsden Customs’ AR Pistol Buffer Tube

    For those in restrictive states, Thorsden Customs may be a very familiar name. Thorsden is the shop that created the one of the first compliant non-pistol grip AR stocks that now typify NY and some CA-compliant rifles. Further expanding their compliant products is the AR Pistol Builder’s Package, which adds storage and a better cheek weld to the buffer tube for AR pistols.

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    Thorsden describes their system best:

    Our QD buffer tube cover mounts over our exclusive keyed buffer tube and provides a rock solid base for the CAA saddle. The cover also incorporates one quick detach sling hardpoint on each side. The CAA saddle provides a positive and stable cheek weld, as well as, handy storage for batteries, tools, or other items. Our new adapter merges the two perfectly using all of the original hardware from both kits, eliminating the use of glue, tape, or zip ties to attach the saddle to a standard pistol tube.

    LIke Sig, Thorsden Custom has the ATF determination letters publicly available on the system. The BATFE has determined that the storage system as configured does not substantially alter the buffer tube and turn it into a shoulder-able stock (despite significantly increasing the rear surface area).

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    The full AR Pistol Builder’s Kit is available direct from Thorsden Customs for $117.99 and is available in OD, FDE, and Black. The kit includes one each of the following:

    • Keyed Pistol Buffer Tube (Thordsen Customs exclusive)
    • QD Buffer Tube Cover (Thordsen Customs exclusive)
    • Saddle Adapter (Thordsen Customs exclusive)
    • CAA Saddle kit
    • Carbine Buffer spring
    • 3.0 oz. standard recoil buffer
    • Castle Nut
    • Mounting hardware
    • Endplate
    • Installation instructions

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