An SKS for a Lefty

    One of the moderators at Canadiangunnutz modified a SKS for a friend of his who suffered a stroke and can no longer use his right hand to cycle the bolt or dis/engage the safety.

    I worked on the scope mount. Easy enough to level the mount with the receiver, a few hours in the shop drilling and tapping; step 1 completed. 



    Second, I needed to modify the safety lever, because with one hand on the pistol grip and the other hand not worth much, the safety would have to be operated with the index.


    I used a fine cut-off disk, removed the cocking handle, and went to my welder’s shop again. Back at home, there was a lot of grinding and sanding and polishing involved. The end result isn’t perfect, but it’ll work! I blued the part, figuring that it may somewhat hide from you a bit of the aesthetic imperfection…



    The full discussion at Canadiangunnutz is here.

    Thanks to Michael for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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