Sintercore Releases A Simple New Charging Handle

    Sintercore has released their new Tripwire charging handle, which looks to be a very simple, with far less points of failure over a traditional locking handle.  Something that I have always questioned was the need to actually lock the charging handle, and how much of a pain some charging handles can be.

    Either you use MILSPEC, which only has a small latch on the left side and is not ambidextrous at all.  Alternatively there are several companies have made great charging handles that make the unlocking portion much easier, and more ambidextrous.  The Rainier Arms Raptor is my personal favorite, and I use them on all of my personal rifles because no matter which side I grab it is the same motion to unlock the charging handle.

    Sintercore is now making a handle that uses a very simple rounded latch that doesn’t require the user to unlatch the handle when using the charging handle.  It is simply a grab-and-go handle, which in a high-stress situation could actually be faster and easier to use.

    One question I did have was “Well, if the rounded latch doesn’t lock the handle, what if it releases mid-stroke and hits me?” One could surmise that a charging handle to the nose or teeth make for a bad day at the range.

    Wondering just how often a handle has come loose, or not been latched and hit someone, I decided to call a friend who is a long time instructor.  In the 15 years of teaching carbine courses to everyone from beginners to SWAT operators he has never seen, or even heard of a handle hitting someone.

    Using some google-fu I was also unable to find any internet operators with harrowing tales of being hit by their changing handle when the latch failed (or wasn’t locked properly).  Not evening finding an anecdotal story of it happening to a cousins friends wife’s sister in law who is married to a cop, I would think that however theoretically possible it is, it just doesn’t happen in the real world. Although maybe a reader has seen it, if so let me know in the comments.

    So, back to the Tripwire changing handle from Sintercore.   Take a look at their press release below, and check out their link if you are interested.  They are offering a $50 pre-order sale that includes free shipping.



    JULY 10, 2014, GRAND RAPIDS, MI
    Sintercore LLC released the Tripwire™ ambidextrous charging handle for pre-order today. The device was designed to help AR-15 firearm users more efficiently manipulate the bolt carrier group from either side of the firearm, presents an ambidextrous handle with fewer points of potential failure compared to competing products, and delivers a more durable, reliable product for those who must go in harm’s way.

    Tripwire™ consists of a four-part assembly, with a handle and latch composed of 7075-T6 aluminum that is hardcoat anodized, and a steel spring and roll pin.

    Sintercore’s design removes the need for a manually-activated latching system as found on conventional AR-15 charging handles. A simple, pressure-activated automatic locking system controls the release of the Tripwire™ from the upper receiver. Unlike competing products, the Tripwire™ locking system relies simply on friction from a rounded hook that engages onto the upper receiver: no complex cams, gears, rods, or connectors are used to rotate the latch, and the potential for mechanical failure is thereby significantly lessened. The total weight of the assembly is approximately 1 oz.

    The Tripwire™ ambidextrous charging handle is only available for a limited time at a pre-order sale price of $50, with free shipping.

    Static pictures, an animation of the unit in operation, and ordering information can be found at