DIY Bipod For Steyr AUG

    What does an Estonian reader of TFB do after he has purchase a €1,750 Steyr AUG rifle, €1,000 worth of optics and a €200 muzzle brake? Spent €2 on a DIY bipod, of course!




    The trick is cut off the articulating pads found on the end of cheap spring clamps, then dremal out the inside of the clamp and glue in rubber pads.


    The spring clamp before.


    The spring clamp after modifications

    The bi-pod attaches to the Steyr AUG’s fore grip (in the folded up position) and seem to work quite well. The bi-pod can be seen in action below …

    Thanks to Kask for the photos. Kask blogs at Asjadest II.

    Steve Johnson

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