Shooting Guns In The Czech Republic

    While staying in Brno, CZ I went to a local range to try out some Czech made firearms. The range is called Trigger Service.

    They have two ranges. Range A is your traditional range with lanes and electronic pulley system for setting paper targets out to a set distance. Range B is for training and has steel poppers, I prefer Range B



    I rented the following guns:

    CZ-75 SP01 Shadow


    PPK Scarabeus



    CZ Scorpion Evo3




    IMG_5074 IMG_5078


    In my excitement I forgot to take pictures of the Bren and PPSh-41

    They were all a blast to shoot. I was only able to shoot the rifles in Range A and the “pistols” in Range B. They allow pistol caliber in Range B.

    Here is the video from Range B.


    And here is the video from Range A. Bren and PPSh-41

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