Gear Review: TangoDown SCAR Accessories

    TangoDown has produced a line of spectacular SCAR accessories to help users of the rifle enhance their shooting experience.

    Pictured below is my SCAR with all of TangoDown’s bells and whistles:


    The first and most important accessory to me is the turned down, low profile but still accessible charging handle. I used to run an EoTech optic on my SCAR 16s, but by about the third time I busted my knuckles on it I parted ways with it. The TangoDown handle is quite a nice and affordable upgrade:


    Next up is the metal stock latch and makes the stock feel much more firmly locked in when open. While not a must have in my eyes, I understand some people simply like the idea of metal latches:


    Of course if you are not running much equipment up front and want a purpose built cover for the cheese-graters, TangoDown makes some nice color-matching rail covers and even a QD foregrip that I like quite a lot:


    Different lengths of cover are available and they lock on really well.

    Last up is the magazine. The good part is that it is cut to not interfere with the SCAR’s mag catch (SCARs are notorious for being picky with mags, as many will raise the bolt catch just enough to damage the bolt):


    However with a price of $20, I will stick with cheaper mag offerings.

    The prices on these accessories are as follows:

    Charging handle: $59.95

    Stock latch: $62.95

    Rail covers: $13.00-$14.42

    Vertical grip: $70.79

    Magazine: $20.50

    All in all I am satisfied with these accessories, but I do believe that they have priced themselves out of the magazine game.

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.