SIG Sauer Raided (Again) … I am not sure why our German brothers even bother making guns

    SIG SP2022 Pistol

    On July 3 2014 SIG Sauer’s offices in Eckernförde, Germany were raided by German law enforcement after it was discovered that an unspecified number of SIG SP2022 ended up in Colombia. Germany bans weapon exports to Colombia because they consider it a “conflict zone”.

    This is the second time SIG Sauer has been raided. German SWAT and 12 detectives descended on the company in February this year after SIG firearms found their way to the Kazakhstan Republican Guard.

    The Colombia pistols, like the Kazakhstan pistols, had actually been exported to the USA.SIG Sauer GmbH (Germany) exported them to SIG Sauer  Inc. (USA) which legally sold them to a USA gun dealer or distributor. At some point in time an unknown entity took ownership of the pistols and exported them.

    SIG Sauer GmbH has issued a press release (in German) that said their lawyers have investigated the situation and found that neither SIG Sauer Germany nor SIG Sauer USA broke any laws. The transactions they entered into were legal and that there were no indications, nor were they able to anticipate, that the guns would eventually be exported. I am inclined to believe them.

    The German authorities seem hell-bent on making like as difficult as possible for local manufacturers. German gun makers must be asking themselves why they bother engaging in legal business, providing employment and paying taxes only to be raided on a bi-annual basis.

    Thanks to Axel for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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