Meprolight TRU-DOT RDS Battery Powered Reflex Sight

    This is a TFB exclusive preview of the upcoming Meprolight (Mepro) TRU-DOT RDS battery powered reflex sight. The Mepro TRU-DOT RDS is a lower cost commercial version of the Mepro M5 reflex sight (TFB preview), which it was developed as the successor to the Mepro M21 (TFB review). The original criteria for the M5 called for an increase in the field-of-view, adjustable illumination levels and a price of $400-$450. However, when the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) took an interest in the M5 they requested a number of expensive features added. All of that led to a 2-years extensive field trial and the price has shot up to $625, which is now more expensive than the Mepro M21.

    The new Mepro TRU-DOT RDS derivative will be offered only in the U.S. market for both commercial and law enforcement sale. The good news is that the MSRP will be back to under $400, most of the upgrade features from the M5 are retained.


    Externally, the Mepro TRU-DOT has the similar viewing window layout to the L3 Communications EOTech sights.  Besides the external look, the Meprolight design is vastly differ than the EOTechs. Size wise the Mepro sight is smaller than the full-size EOTech 550 series but slightly longer than the EXPS series, although not as wide as the EXPS.


    A departure from the traditional forward circular, ocular Meprolight design is the use of a rectangular vision window on the M5 and TRU-DOT RDS. The rear located ocular window offers a big improvement in terms of a practical field-of-view. Also shown on the right side are the adjustment nuts for the built-in dual QD levers.


    The standard AR-15 iron sights will co-witness with the Mepro TRU-DOT RDS sight. I would say it’s more of a lower 1/3 co-witness, which most shooters prefer. (shown with the Midwest Industries SPLP flip-up rear sight). The IWI Tavor bullpup with its taller backup sights should have a near perfect co-witness with the Mepro TRU-DOT RDS.


    The reticle is a 1.8-MOA red dot powered by a single AA-size battery. In the original design criteria, the battery life is 4000 hours. Then it jumped to 8000 hours when the IDF got involved. With the latest micro-processor managed illumination technology upgrade, the Mepro TRU-DOT RDS’s battery life is now 15,000-18,000 hours on maximum brightness from a single lithium AA battery. That’s further extended by a motion sensor activated power saving mode.


    The major differences between the new Mepro sights and the EOTechs is the illumination of the Meprolight is by LED, while the EOTechs use laser projection reticles. The internal optical design is also completely different. The EOTech uses multiple mirrors or small prisms with lens, while the Meprolight features a single large prism that also makes up both the front and rear lens. From what I found in reviewing the Mepro M21, the choice of using this large piece of hardened optical glass has probably helped significantly in getting the M5 to pass the IDF’s MIL-Spec requirement.


    One of the major cost reduction features is that the Mepro TRU-DOT uses a plain polymer hood, instead of the machined aluminum hood found on Mepro M5. Although, this change makes no difference in the drop-test rating of the Mepro TRU-DOT sight.  I suspect that its large hardened optical glass prism probably has something to do with it. The new notched illumination control wheel also helped in lowering the cost, and I like it better than the Mepro M5’s machined controller wheel with small slots.

    Some of the expensive IDF requested upgrades that have been retained are the dual low-profile QD throw levers, the extensively tested night-vision equipment compatibility (Gen II & Gen III NVG), and the built-in motion sensor for the automatic wake-up function.


    The Mepro TRU-DOT RDS will be release in the U.S. on August 15th. As a launch promotion, Meprolight’s American distributor, the Mako Group, will release the first two hundred Mepro TRU-DOT RDS sights with an aluminum alloy hood installed. It’s available for pre-order from IDF Holster’s pre-order page with free shipping.

    Update: Due to the recent conflict in Gaza, the manufacturer had delayed the shipping date to mid-September.

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