Grizzly Targets Build Your Own Range Series

    Grizzly Targets just released their Build Your Own Range line of AR500 steel targets. Targeted towards professional ranges, shooting clubs, law enforcement agencies or those who happen to be lucky enough to have their own private ranges (if you do I’m jealous). Their new Build Your Own Range line includes their 3 Gun Flat plate at $49.99, 3 Gun Post plate at $69.99, BYOR Stand at $59.99, Dueling Plate at $89.99, IPSC Mini at $149.99, Popper Stake-In at $59.99 and Reactive Popper at $189.99.

    You can buy them all as a kit or individually. Their BYOR stand, IPSC mini, dueling plates and 3 gun post (all pictured below) just require some 2x4s and you’re good to go. Grizzly Targets products can also take quite a beating and still perform, check out our review of the Grizzly Reactive Auto Reset Target 220 from last year. For more info on the Grizzly Targets Build Your Own Range Series check them out at




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