BUIS Are Very Important

    Mark Farage is no novice shooter. Mark checked the screws of his RMR to ensure they were properly torqued before he took a course with Ronin Combat Strategies. But during a 6 shot string drill, the screws flew off and so did his RMR. Without missing a beat, Mark managed to continue the drill with his BUIS and fired 6 shots in 1.78 secs.

    Mark is shooting his Zev Technologies Glock 19. You can see the RMR mounted at the rear and a backup sight mounted in front of the RMR. It looks kinda like the picture below.


    Here he begins the drill.



    You can see the screws flying in the air.


    The motion of the slide sends the RMR rearward.



    Right into Mark’s cheek.




    Mark told me he could not find the screws to see if they had stripped or if they had any blue loctite on them. The slide still has threads. It’s a new gun so when he checked the screws before the class he didn’t back them out to check for blue loctite. So now he plans to order replacement screws and keep some spares in his range bag. He will also add a little JB Weld or blue loctite to the screws.


    Even though you plan for everything with the best intentions, the unexpected can happen. As Mark told me; “This was a legit and unpredictable equipment failure.” So stay in the fight and don’t let things disturb you from the task at hand as long as you can continue doing so safely.

    Nicholas C

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