Ares Armor Polymer 80 AR-15 Receiver Kits

    Ares Armor is back in the news, but this time with their new Polymer 80 AR-15 Receiver Kits. If you don’t remember Ares Armor was raided by the ATF earlier this year. Their new kit includes almost everything you’ll need to complete one of their polymer AR-15 lowers. It includes one of their new Polymer 80 lowers, a one-time use polymer jig and the drill bits needed to complete the lower. All you’ll need are some basic hand tools I’m sure you probably already have in your garage. Their new Polymer 80 lowers now have no indexing marks or guides and fully complies with the GCA of 1968. It even says so on their site:

    NOTICE TO BATFE GOONS AND JACKBOOTED THUGS: This Product not only complies with the GCA of 1968 but also complies with your arbitrarily and capriciously moved goal post and your unlawful attempts to create law. It is Solid Core and has no Indexing Marks. I DO BITE MY THUMB AT YOU, SIR! I DO BITE MY THUMB AT YOU!

    They’re made in the USA and retail for just $90 over at



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