Grayman Satu Stonewashed Finish

    The Grayman Satu is a TFB writer favorite. Phil, Mike and I all own one. Grayman have changed the Ti-Ti (all titanium) model’s finish from a matte grey DCL (Diamond Like Carbon) finish to a ‘Stonewashed’ finish. The stonewash finish is apparently better at resisting rush and scratches are not noticeable.

    My Satu is the original DCL Ti/Ti model. It is hard not to say how great the Satu really is without sounding like a paid shrill or an obsessed fanboy. It is as large (when unfolded) and heavy as a decent fixed blade knife with its 4”x1.5” blade. Mine has travelled around the world with me. Because it is a folder it can easily be explained to overzealous border officials as a ‘pocket knife’ when border officials might have confiscated a similarly sized fixed blade knife (a friend of mine lost a knife to suspicious border cops at an African border crossing a couple of years ago), yet is large enough to do outdoor work that would normally require a heavy fixed bade. The only downside of the knife is the price, $390, but this is inline with similar hand made folder knives of its quality and well worth it. I am sure Phil and Mike would agree with me. Mike reviewed his Satu here.

    Steve Johnson

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