Bonafide Colt AK. Colt releases the 7.62×39 CK901

    Colt has announced the release and first order of the CK901 7.62×39 direct impingement AR-AK hybrid (not to be confused with the ARAK-21 from Faxon). The weapon systems has been ordered by the Yemeni Republican Guard as a replacement for their current AK-47 systems.


    Photo courtesy of IHS Jane’s.

    Speaking to IHS Janes, Colt Defense representatives shared details about the new CK901, based off the commercial CM901 modular system. The “standard” variant includes a 16 inch barrel and weighs in at 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs). A SBR version will be available with a 13-inch barrel. The weight is primarily due to a monolithic upper receiver with corresponding railed handguard.


    Photos on blue background courtesy of Click the picture for a link to the Polish blog.

    The CK901 is compatible with “all types of standard and non-standard AK-47 pattern magazines. The company claims that they have vigorously tested all available steel and polymer magazines to ensure compatibility. In addition, Colt will also be offering US-Palm manufactured magazines direct to customers. The CK901 does not have a last-round bolt-hold-open, instead opting to be charged like a standard AR.

    No word yet on pricing or availability to civilian markets in the US or abroad.

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