Semi-auto pistol improvised from sheet metal

    Here is a simple little semi auto pistol design sent in that will likely be of interest:

    “A homemade conventional type self-loading pistol need not be complex in design or demanding in tools needed for it’s construction. Here is a bare-bones pistol design which is constructed from sheet steel and bar stock, the only power tools used to make it being a drill, angle grinder and a welder. The prototype pictured was built as a blank firing only dummy model for the purposes of demonstration, though the design itself would translate perfectly well to .25 ACP and other small cartridges.”



    “Design advantages:

    – Can be constructed with very limited tools and without the use of a lathe or milling machine
    – Loose design tolerances allow plenty of leeway for mistakes and hand-fitting
    – Uses a very simple fixed extractor and contains no separate ejector
    – Slide is laminated from sheet metal and bar stock rather than being machined from one piece
    – Contains a very minimal number of components”

    PDF – The DIY Sheet Metal Self-Loading Pistol


    Steve-the-Editor Says: If anyone LEGALLY makes this pistol, please send us photos and we will blog it.


    Update – “The pistol after a quick tidy up with a flap disc and a coat of matt black engine enamel”: