New Gear from LaserLyte Coming

    NAA .22 Magnum

    While attending the Make Big Noise industry event in Shackleford, VA, I got a chance to see a number of new LaserLyte products that are being introduced soon.  Here are a few you can expect to see in the coming weeks.

    NAA 22 Magnum laser – The new laser is similar in design to Crimson Trace Lasergrips in that the activation switch is in the grip itself.  The laser is contained in a snorkel attached to the right side of the tiny revolver’s grips.  MSRP will be $109.99.


    22 Caliber Trainer – Designed to drop into any .22 caliber firearm, rimfire or centerfire, this unit allows for practice without the need of ammunition.  This was officially announced during the Make Big Noise event and is now listed on the company’s website.  MSRP is $109.95.

    New trainer target – LaserLyte makes a number of laser training tools including a target that keeps track of where your shots are going.  A new target has been developed that incorporates a timer and scorekeeper.  It will allow a shooter to push him- or herself a little harder and to compete against a friend.  No MSRP available.  I used the prototype at the event and it seemed to work flawlessly.

    HiPoint lasers – Yep.  The company will be selling newly designed lasers for the HiPoint 380, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP pistols.  These will be shipping very soon.

    Richard Johnson

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