Strike Industries Cookie Cutter Comp

    Strike Industries recently debuted their new Cookie Cutter Comp that they’re claiming is the best muzzle brake on the market for AR pistols and Short Barrel Rifles (SBR). It may look cute, but Strike Industries says straight up that you shouldn’t expect this to help at all with flash suppression, because it won’t. Shooting this next to other shooters on the line? They’re in for a bit of side concussion surpise. But according to Strike Industries it reduces recoil quite a lot.¬†At least they’re honest with the drawbacks of muzzle brakes. They retail for $59.95 at There’s no videos of it in action yet, however Strike Industries did post a video of a prototype of the Cookie Cutter Comp a while back, check it out below.


    Based on the theory, Law of action and reaction, Strike Industries created a large reflecting area to enlarge great “reaction” to eliminate recoil force.

    The COOKIE CUTTER COMP is, hands down, the Best muzzle brake for Short Barrel Rifles (SBR’s) and AR-Pistols. It is NOT a flash suppressor. There will be side concussion so the shooter needs to be aware of surrounding personnel.

    It is designed as a single chamber muzzle break with a large surface area, which minimizes recoil substantially and at the same time compensates muzzle rise.
    Additionally the CC-COMP also happens to make a great glass breaker!

    Package include
    – 1 x Cookie Cutter Comp.

    -Large Single Gas Port expels gas on both right and left sides.
    -Heavy-duty parkerized finished steel construction
    -Unique functional design.

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