Public Shooting Range Training Wheels in Korea

    A friend of mine, in Korea, shared a video of him shooting real guns in South Korea. His video isn’t public so I can’t share it. However I found something similar.

    You can see the pistol lanes have a chain that runs across and the pistol is attached to the chain. This is to prevent shooters from breaking the 180 degree rule. I suppose this will also help shooters, who are not familiar with pistol recoil, to prevent muzzle climb and hitting themselves in the face. I suppose you can never be too careful however I think it is a little much. I think they need to take the training wheels off and let them make some mistakes so they can have a better appreciation and understanding of weapon manipulation.

    Oh and take a look at the shooters. They are all wearing bullet proof vests. You can never be too safe I suppose. I was told by my friend in Korea, that the vests and chains are the result from too many suicides in Korea. Apparently people would go to the range to commit suicide. So the chain helps prevent people from pointing the gun unsafely. Although they could spin the gun backwards/upside down at themselves which defeats the purpose.

    Here is a Korean Article about the ramping up of range safety measures due to accidents and suicides.


    Korean range 3

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