Kolar Max Trap High Rib

    My co-worker took me out to shoot Trap for my first time. Her fellow club member was there, his name is Ken. Ken had a very interesting shotgun. It is a Kolar Max Trap under single. It only costs $15,000.

    kolar rib


    It looks similar to this one below.



    As I do not shoot shotgun sports other than Action Shotgun and 3 gun matches, the high rib is a “new” concept for me. Ken explained that the high rib is preferable for trap. Apparently the taller the rib, the higher the shot pattern fires. The lower the rib, the flatter the gun will shoot. This seemed counter intuitive to me.

    I found this article on the Hunt Forever Blog. It discusses the use of a high rib for sporting clays and brings up some interesting observations about shooting with both eyes open and the position of your head in relation to the target.

    For more information about the Kolar Max Trap go to their website.

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