New from Kalashnikov Concern: Civilian Balanced Recoil AK-107s, Saiga 9mm, and new 12-Gauge

    Billed as the “largest international land and air-land defense and security exhibition” Eurosatory 2014 kicked off in Paris on the 16th.  Announced during the exhibition are four new rifles from Kalashnikov Concern (formerly Izhmash).  Among them are the SV-338 Sniper Rifle, Saiga MK-107 Civilian Version, Saiga-9 and Saiga-12 Model 340.


    The SV-338 will be a precision platform based on the .338 Lapua Magnum round, and will be marketed and sold to Russian Special Forces as well as exported to other countries.  According to the rifle is designed to engage targets out to 1km, or soldiers wearing body armor.  It will feature a 5rd magazine.



    Saiga 12 - 340. Note the prominent muzzle brake.

    Saiga 12 – 340. Note the prominent muzzle brake.

    1. Balanced recoil AK’s to be offered in 7.62×39, 5.45×39, and 5.56 NATO (w/ 7.62 NATO planned in the future!)
    2. Saiga 9mm pistol-caliber carbine based off of the Vityaz-SN
    3. New Saiga 12-gauage model with built-in muzzle brake. (Note* This was debuted last year, but looks to be now in production).
    AK-107 broken down into parts. Photo courtesy of

    AK-107 broken down into parts. Photo courtesy of

    We are tracking down additional information on these new weapon systems including price, availability, configuration, etc.

    Fully kitted out Vityaz 9mm.

    Fully kitted out Vityaz 9mm.


    Command Arms has translated the text from original post on below:

    Concern “Kalashnikov” has developed three new samples civilian small arms produced by the company on the basis of fighting machines. It is reported in the Monday, June 16, ITAR-TASS referring to the Advisor to CEO Andrew Kirisenko concern. The new weapon was presented at one of the world’s largest arms salons “Eurosatory 2014” in Paris.

    He explained that on the basis of a series of cell Kalashnikovs and other small arms developed three completely new sample of civil arms – “Saiga-MK107”, “Saiga-9” and “Saiga-12 Model 340.”

    Carbine “Saiga-MK107” is based on the perspective of the AK-107. This is the only carbine for the civilian market, made with a balanced automatics, like the AK-107 and AK-108. Thanks to the scheme with a balanced automatic recoil is reduced and accuracy of firing automatic increases in half to two times. According Kirisenko Concern has produced several prototypes “Saiga-MK107” under foreign cartridge 223 “Remington.” It is also planned to develop a domestic version of the rifle cartridges of 7.62 and 5.45 x39 x39 millimeters, as well as under x51 7.62 millimeter ammunition NATO standard.

    According Kirisenko, design carbine “Saiga-9” is based on the local sub-machine gun “Vityaz-SN” and is a novelty for both domestic and foreign markets. At the moment this is done under the common carbine cartridge 9×19 “Para”. There are plans to start developing “Saiga-9” under the Russian 9×18 millimeter pistol cartridge and ammunition caliber 9×21 mm. According to the developers, the carbine has a high level of reliability and high level of similarity with the actually existing combat model will attract the attention of domestic and foreign buyers.

    Kirisenko drew attention to the fact that when you create a new shotgun “Saiga-12 Model 340” under 12 caliber hunting cartridge into account the requirements of athletes and special forces. Gun differs from the previously submitted samples reinforced receiver, increased to 10 rounds magazine capacity, and rapid recharge system. Muzzle Brake substantially reduced returns. Elevated levels of reliability allows the use of a gun as the army and police units

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