The H&K VP9

    Caleb Giddings, over at Gun Nuts Media, reviewed the new H&K VP9.

    He is rather positive of the VP9. As is expected from an H&K, it performs well. The only real negative is the stock sights. Caleb doesn’t like them that much and is an easy fix with some 10-8 sights.

    Here are some basic specs on the VP9. The capacity is a little disappointing at a mere 15+1 rds. My benchmark is 17+1 which the M&P, Glock and FNS all have in 9mm. Only the XDM beats them at a standard capacity of 19 rds.

    • Caliber: 9mx19, aka 9mm Parabellum/Luger/NATO
    • Browning recoil operated
    • Striker fired
    • 15+1 capacity where legal, 10 round magazines available
    • Barrel Length: 4.09 inches
    • Sight radius: 6.38 inches
    • Weight w/empty mag: 26.56 oz
    • Weight, loaded: 32 oz
    • Trigger pull: Factory stated 5.4 pounds, measured at 4.25 pounds
    • Interchangeable grip panels


    Caleb also compares sight radius.


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