PK FL2 LE 650 lumen light

    PK aka Paul Kim, is the creator of many of SureFire’s flashlights when he was VP of Engineering at SureFire. Now he has a new light, the FL2 LE.  The FL2 LE is similar in size to the traditional SureFire 6P. It is a 2 cell light powered by 2x CR123 batteries.

    SureFire has their 2 cell Fury lights that put out a whopping 500 lumens. However the PK FL2LE screams out 650 lumens in the same size package and running on the same batteries.

    The knurling of the light is fantastic. It is grippy and yet not so aggressive that it hurts your naked hand. I saw the FL2LE at Shot Show 2014 when I caught PK in passing. I own one and I have to say it is a very potent light. Blows my other two cell lights out of the water. The smaller light below is his AAA EDC light, the PL2.

    PK light

    The light is powered by a CREE XML2 led. It has a high mode of 650 lumens and a low of 40 lumens. On high it will run for 1.4 hours.  On low it will run for 21.8 hours. The light body is made of 6061 Aircraft aluminum and has Mil Spec hard anodizing.

    You press the tailcap for momentary on. Push harder and it clicks on. You switch to low by pressing or clicking off and on again. The light retails for $190 and is currently available in the US from Black Moon Ltd.

    Lionheart Industries is a big supporter of PK’s work.



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