HMMWV Bullet Proof Glass Test

    My friend sent me a message on Sunday night. “Would you be interested in some bullet proof glass?” He then sends me this picture. “They are 2 inches thick.” I immediately said yes and that we can test them the next morning. They were left behind from an evicted tenant of his parent’s property. My friend’s dad wanted to throw them away, but asked his son if he was interested in taking them.


    I posted up the picture above and asked my Facebook friends if they knew anything about bullet proof glass. One friend, from Korea, thought they looked a lot like the front windshields from a Hummer.


    My friend and I picked them up yesterday morning. Immediately I noticed the etching on the glass says “Impact Side”. Also they are made by Ibis Tek, a local defense contractor that specializes in transparent armor. The metal ribbon at the bottom of the pic below, is the defroster and runs along the edge of the glass and has two wires protruding out from one of the edges.

    BP glass


    There were three driver side front windshields. We kept one for each of us and shot up the third one. We took them out to the range and set one out at 50 yards. We were warned, from friends online, to expect ricochets. I decided to treat it like steel poppers. So we would not be shooting these at point blank range.

    We used the following guns to test the glass with FMJ rounds and rifled slugs.

    S&W M&P C.O.R.E 9mm

    Glock Gen4 G35 and Ruger SR40C both in 40 s&w

    KSG 12 Ga slugs

    Troy Carbine 5.56

    FNH SCAR 17S 7.62×51

    Here is the aftermath.

    BP glass 2


    One of the impacts made a circular pattern in the glass.

    BP glass 3


    Here is the impact from my SCAR 17S.

    BP glass 5


    The backside is still smooth and undisturbed.

    BP glass 4


    Here is the video.

    The impacts from the 40 s&w were the most surprising to me. Compared to 9mm and .556, the 40 s&w made some spectacular impacts. Of course the .308 made the most impact with just one round.

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