Women Review four .380 pistols

    On Legally Armed America, three ladies shoot and review four .380 acp pistols. They look at a Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard, Colt XSP Mustang and the Glock 42.

    Not surprisingly, the S&W Bodyguard was the least liked out of the four handguns. I have met many people who dislike that gun.

    The Glock 42 barely beat the Colt XSP Mustang when they tally up the scores and that was mainly due to the appearance of the Glock 42.

    One thing I would have addressed is the fact that most of the women were using the crease of their finger to pull the trigger. The RO should have instructed them to shoot with the pad of the finger and not the crease. Also I would have liked to have seen the Sig P238 put up against this test or the P938 which is about the same size as the Glock 42 but in 9mm. I am curious how the women would have viewed and rated the Sigs.

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