New RIANOV Eagle II Weapon-Mounted Ballistic Computer

    Recently previewed at SOFIC 2014 in Tampa, Rianov has been putting the finishing touches on their latest ballistic computer, the Eagle II. Designed with high-speed, low-drag in mind, the Eagle II can store dope information for up to 16 different weapons.

    GEN II RM Side

    Using previous dope information, the low-profile ballistic computer kit is capable of reading temperature, barometric pressure, cant, and angle to provide the shooter with a complete shooting solution. The Eagle II is easily manipulated via its remote keypad, situated anywhere on the weapon system.


    The Eagle is available with rail and scope mounts for 1″, 30mm, 34mm, and 35mm scopes. The computer itself retails for $750 for US domestic customers and $900 for international prospects. Mount kits retail for approximately $59 each.

    Photo is courtesy of

    Photo is courtesy of

    Detailed specs from Rainov below:

    Weight ~1.7 oz.
    Display LCD 16 Character x 3 Rows
    User Interface 5 Function Keypad – Remote placement
    Operating Temperature Range -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
    Altitude Range -1,600ft to 29,600ft (-300m to 9,000m)
    Barometric Pressure Resolution 0.01 INHg
    Optical Ranging > 5,000 Yards
    Angular Range (Slope) ±85° (Look Angle)
    Angular Range (Cant) ±90°
    Angular Resolution < 0.1°
    Battery Type CR-123 (1 required)
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