The New Baby Glock 4

    Mr. Gaston Glock, 84, and Kathrin Glock, 33, are expecting a child, according to the Society section of Krone Zeitung (Google Translated with some manual corrections) …

    It is the cutest baby rumor on the Society parquet. Supposedly Kathrin Glock 33, shall make her 84 – year-old husband Gaston the quadruple father (he’s got three kids already). Over ten years ago, they got to know each other, then married romantically three years ago – and now offspring is to announce.

    The “crown” has demanded, and it was said in the recent official statement: “The Glock family is not making any comments about this message.” What could be a clear indication that it is indeed true, otherwise the family would have denied adamantly. This is also suggested that the new love nest of Glocks in Kärnten, near the home of Kathrin’s family, is currently being built eagerly. Whether the family has probably planned a nursery?

    Even the sweet secret can not be seen in any case, because Ms. Glock appeared to be slimmer than ever during her last event in the Glock Horse Performance Center in Treffen bei Villach in addition to fitness queen Jane Fonda, 76, and supermodel Naomi Campbell, 44. One can so stay and watch excited …

    Gaston has three children with his former wife Helga Glock. Helga and his offspring, who have been reportedly disinherited, have a number of court cases pending against him. The Game of Glocks continue …

    Thanks to Axel for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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