Archive: May, 2014

CZ 712 Practical 3Gun Shotgun

CZ has come out with a shotgun built for 3Gun competition. It is the 712 Practical. Suggested retail price is $699.99. A very attractive price and competition for Mossberg’s entry level competition shotgun, the 930 JM Pro. The CZ712 Practical is a 22″ bbl [Read More…]

Condolences to Geissele

The Latest ARFCOM newsletter shares the very sad news that two longtime Geissele Automatics employees have passed away in the last two weeks. It is with heavy hearts that we have to send out this email to all of our resellers. In the last 2 weeks our dear friends and [Read More…]

See How .22LR Ammo is Made

Outdoor Channel went to CCI in Idaho to show how .22LR ammo is made. They make 4 million rounds a day. Sounds like a lot. But when you see that one pallet is only 250k rounds, then that means  they only make 16 pallets a day. It isn’t that much when you start [Read More…]

Ammo Prices: 05/16/2014

Week eight! Interesting to note that this week, bulk pistol ammo is trending down from previous prices at vendors. Only a couple of vendors have increased. SG Ammo is showing the lowest of the week for 3 types of rifle ammo (in 500 round lots). Bang It Ammo is showing [Read More…]

palm pistol

Palm Pistol Update

After being announced in 2008, there has been little news about the Palm Pistol from Constitution Arms (CA).  However, an e-mail from CA states the handgun is on track for production. In the e-mail, CA details several modifications from the original design that are [Read More…]

.223 Casing Chess Set

From a small company called Old World Collectibles and Creations comes the ultimate in recycled brass.  A chess set made entirely of used .223 brass.  Using both brass and steel cases, it creates a visually striking juxtaposition between the different cases.  From [Read More…]

Teludyne Tech $1200 Moszilla Rifle

Teludyne Tech inventors of the StraightJacket Barrel System is now building custom target Mosin Nagant rifles they’re calling the Moszilla. The StraightJacket Barrel System consists of a thin tube that surrounds the factory barrel with a proprietary substance [Read More…]