FN Herstal Buys Wooden FN SCAR Replica From UK Artist

    Earlier this year Jenni Edwards, a UK artist, emailed me asking if I could feature her art on TFB. She had discovered it has not possible to sell her creations in the United Kingdom due to laws prohibiting the sale of replica guns. The post I wrote was very popular and attracted 76 comments.

    Jenni just let me know that FN Herstal (Belgium) has purchased two of her guns. They will be exhibiting them during their 125 year anniversary celebrations. Jenni did not specify which guns they purchased, but I assume the FN SCAR (photo above and below) was one of them.

    Replica FN SCAR

    Replica FN SCAR

    It is great to see a major gun company supporting decent gun artwork. We are all tired of gun art (as opposed to guns that are art) which is mostly limited to artists melting down AK rifles and turning them into park benches, or putting mutilated gun sculptures outside prominent buildings around the world.

    Congratulations to Jenni. She has a number of different replica guns on sale at her Etsy store page.

    Steve Johnson

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